Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Hardwood floor cleaning is one of our most popular services. We clean all surfaces with our proprietary, GREEN, non-toxic cleaning agents.

Hardwood needs to be refreshed and cleaned on a regular basis. Advanced technicians clean hardwood floors with our patented a microfibre cleaning tool to clean between the fine grain of your flooring. Hardwood floors will absolutely gleam after Advanced cleans and buffs the floor with a special commercial buffer. In some cases hardwood needs to be refinished, Advanced can recommend an expert refinishing company to do that work. But if your floors still have a good finish in place, Advanced is your best choice for wood floor cleaning services to freshen and shine.

The advantage of Advanced is that your wood floors will have no residue or streaking left behind because of our incredible cleaning process. We have years of experience making wood floors look like new.

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